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Scan the code with your mobile camera to download the Colivia app.

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  • See all current care shifts
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How to get booked on your first shift

Starting out as a travel nurse or HCA can feel difficult and scary. But in fact, the process from creating a professional profile in the app to getting booked on your first shift doesn’t have to be long or complicated. We’ll explain it step by step.

1. Create a profile

After downloading the Colivia app, the first step is to create a professional profile. Go to “Profile” and add your contact details, education, working experience and other qualifications. Note that we’ll never contact your references without your approval.

2. Apply for a shift

Once your profile is complete, go to “Search” to see all available shifts in your area. You can either zoom in on the map or use the filters to slim down your search. To see more information and read the full requirements, you simply click on the shift. You apply for the shift directly in the app. You will then receive a confirmation email and an expression of interest will be sent to us.

3. You will be presented to the client

Once we have received your interest, we will contact you within a few hours to discuss the job in more detail. We will put together a checklist, agree on remuneration and other benefits. The next step is to present your profile to the client. If your presentation matches the profile they are looking for, the client will approve your application and you can start preparing for your upcoming shift.